About MSA Nour

All of our board members, all of our committee members and all of our active members together form a community that is centred around helping you get in touch with your Islamic identity, to become strong, steadfast and responsible adults and to become active members of society involved in works of charity and spreading the message of Islam. We do everything in our hands to make you feel at home in this small southern Dutch city during your student years, no matter where on this world you may come from.

MSA Nour is a unique student association that exists to create and sustain a community for Muslim students in Maastricht, and to build bridges with other communities either inside or outside of Maastricht. Our community welcomes students inside and outside of Maastricht (mbo, hbo and wo) to join our many lectures and activities. Whether it’s an iftar, a reading circle, a workshop or a lecture, we provide students with an environment where they can enjoy each others company without having to drink or party throughout the night. Our goal is to encourage you to actively make the most out of your student life spiritually, academically and socially by organising a variety of events and workshops on all these three aspects of life.

MSA Nour started off on the 10th of March 2019 as a private group on Facebook to unite Muslim students. Its aim was to have a platform where students could help each other, ask questions and seek advice. After having met several times, the founding members of MSA Nour, not knowing yet the direction they would be heading, created a public Facebook page called ‘Muslim Student Association Maastricht’. This energy led to the organisation of the succesful BIG Potluck Iftar 2019 with over 100 visitors. On 20 November 2019 Board I of MSA Nour was elected,  in March 2020 MSA Nour was officially recognised as Maastricht University affiliated and in September 2020 the organisation became a member of MSA NL.


To be a community where Muslim students in Maastricht can feel at home and develop themselves in spiritual, academic and social sense, and to build bridges with other communities.


We envision a Maastricht with a united Muslim student population that is steadfast in its religion, high performing in academic fields and well active in works of charity in the broadest sense.