Event Committee

The event committee is the committee responsible for organising the events of MSA Nour. From recreational to educational activities, MSA Nour aspires to organise events ranging from all kind of things. From lectures about the Prophets, powerful women in the Islam to organising Iftars (evening meal during the fasting month), calligraphy lessons etc. A member of the events committee is responsible for the enrichment of the knowledge of the students of Maastricht, on both religious and academic level, coming up with new and unique ideas for events and letting students get to know each other by organising a diverse amount of activities.


From Liege to Istanbul, from Aachen to Budapest, the trip committee aspires to organise trips for all students in Maastricht where we combine sightseeing, doing fun activities and getting to know each other better. The trip committee helps recharging the batteries of the students in Maastricht, because we all know it is needed sometimes. The trip committee is the right place for students to express their creativity, learn how to organise and plan a big event such as a trip and to work together with other motivated students. A member of the trip committee is responsible together with the secretary of MSA Nour for planning trips. 

“Do they not travel through the Earth, so that their minds gain wisdom and their ears thus learn to hear?” (Quran 22:46)

The role of a muslim is not just to offer prayers, fast and pay the alms. A muslim is encouraged to take on a broader role. One of visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, teaching people to read, offering help to those who feel alone. MSA Nour, through its volunteering commission, aims to be a meaningful party in the landscape of Maastricht. We will dedicate ourselves to cooperate with organisations and people in Maastricht that are in need.

“It is by translating our love of Allah into good actions that we strengthen our Imaan (faith). Islam is a faith of action and we need to demonstrate our faith by working to make the world a better place.” (dr. Ahmad Hussein Sakr)

The PR committee is about everything which makes MSA Nour visible and recognisable for the outside world. The world of PR is so varied. Think of social media, flyers and posters, photography, videography, merchandise and more. The PR committee is for students who like to be creative, love to take care of the details and like to keep improving. In the end, it is all about attracting more people to Nour and perfect marketing is the key. A member of the PR committee is responsible for a big part of the creativity of Nour, together with the PR manager.

The main task of the cash committee is to check the financial reporting of MSA Nour during the financial year of the association. This includes checking the accountancy, e.g. if all the receipts are kept and if all the contributions have been collected. Besides this, another important role of the cash committee is to check whether money has been spent on the right things and if the expenses fit within the objective of the association. The cash committee writes a small report about their findings and has a responsibility to advise the members at the General Members Assembly to approve or reject the financial justification. The cash committee checks the finances around 2 times a year. This year it will most likely only be at the end of the financial year. The cash committee is for members who have an affinity with finances and would like to help MSA Nour with keeping good track of its finances and its financial stability.