Fundraiser for Afghanistan (OPEN)

MSA Nour is raising money in partnership other MSA’s in the Netherlands and IHH Nederland to provide financial aid and raise awareness for the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. (learn more)

The goal is to accumulate resources while also raising awareness to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan where more than half of the population is suffering food shortages. This is carried out by different Muslim Student Associations all around the Netherlands, showing the importance of unity and collaboration among young Muslims. 

The barakah projects centralize the substance and urgency of charity and selflessness to the needy for the sake of Allah (swt) and not expecting anything in return.

Fundraiser for Palestine (CLOSED JUNE 2020)

Alhamdulillah, we raised 1180 euros and the full amount goes to the Palestinian red crescent society. Definitely check out their website to see the humanitarian services they provide in Palestine.

“The latest escalation in Palestine has killed over 200 Palestinians, including scores of women and children. […] Airstrikes have destroyed homes in Gaza, forcing terrified, traumatised families to flee. The Israeli blockade prevents them from leaving the enclave, so they are living with relatives or in schools, unable to reach a safe place.” (Islamic Relief)

Fundraiser for Islamic Relief (CLOSED MAY 2020)

With Ramadan unfortunately coming to an end, we would like to stimulate giving to charity by announcing our fundraiser challenge! Last week, the members of MSA Nour have been very generous alhamdullilah (praise be to Allah), may Allah (swt) reward them.

We raised exactly €370,00 for Islamic Relief Nederland because we underline their work and care about all the people in need.